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Five Things to Keep In Mind When Picking an Event Venue

by Eva Smith

When planning an event, you come across numerous choices. Selecting a venue is the most important decision you’ll make for your event. The date of the event, food options, lighting and the overall satisfaction of participants are all influenced in some way by the venue you choose.

Isn’t this a little daunting? 

Well, that is the reason we have come up with this checklist that you must keep in mind before choosing the venue for your event.

Here are some pointers on what to consider for a venue.

  • Location

It is certainly something you’ve already pondered. You may be searching for a venue within a fair distance of several guests’ homes or places of business for a local event. If many people are arriving from out of town, a location close to the airport or their hotels will be helpful. In any case, remember to consider options in traffic, transportation, and parking.

Give your visitors a mobile event app, which is practically a new norm these days, if you want to reduce their chances of being late. Your attendees will be relieved to have GPS maps, driving directions, and parking/shuttle details at their fingertips. Maps with pins are especially useful if the venue is located within a large campus or institute. Interactive indoor maps will aid guests in navigating events with exhibitions, posters, or simultaneous sessions.

  • Parking

Is there a parking lot or valet service at the venue? Parking is very important while choosing a venue. If that’s not the case, are there any adjacent parking lots that attendees can use? You’re not completely out of luck if there’s no parking available; there are a few options.

  • You can book neighbouring parking lots for your guests and either include the cost in the ticket price or charge them when they arrive.
  • Even if the venue does not have valet parking, you could offer it for the event. If the event is upmarket, such as a gala, providing a valet may be necessary.
  • Amenities and Service

Here are the amenities that you should keep a check on.

  • Is the venue equipped with a kitchen and able to accommodate your event?

If this is the case, a venue may forgo the facility fee in exchange for a down payment and the cost of meals for each participant. Those venues without kitchens may have a contract with a food service supplier that you must use.

  • Do you have access to tables, chairs, and linens?

If a venue possesses these items, you can save a lot of money and time by using them, as long as they complement your design and vibe.

  • Is there personnel to clean up?

Rejoice if you’ve discovered a venue that includes a setup and clean-up staff. That isn’t always the case, though. If these services aren’t available, you’ll have to put together your event crew.

  • Ambience

Pay close attention to the existing decor, including event lighting, inside the venue. What architectural style does the structure have, and what message does the interior convey? You’ll probably require different venue accommodations for a gala than you would for an expo. The less the environment matches the ideal mood of your event (upscale, high-tech, etc. ), the more decorating you’ll need to compensate.

  • Acoustics

Have you ever gone to a party where the music was so loud that it was difficult to hear others, causing you to strain your hearing and lose your voice all in one night? Poor acoustics are to blame. Acoustics is a term used to describe how sound travels across space. If the venue is filled, a low ceiling will make it appear intimate, making it noisier.


Thus, there’s a lot to think about when selecting a site for your event. However, if you keep the above in mind when conducting your research, you’ll be able to discover the ideal location for your event.


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