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High-grade Sound Systems for Churches!

by Eva Smith

Which sound system is best for your church? There are no one-size-fits-all formulas, so it varies. The better sound system for your church is specially designed for your church. Bundled or packaged systems may be a good place to start, but the perfect church sound system is designed specifically for your church.

Several Points to Consider

There are several questions you can ask while putting together a sound system for your church:

Is your machine going to be portable or fixed?

A church is more than just a structure. We’ve seen congregations gather in various unusual locations at Sweetwater, including community centers, roller rinks, pizza parlors, bowling alleys, and more. In Las Vegas, a church even met in a casino! If you find yourself in this situation, you’ll need a portable solution. However, if you meet in a dedicated space, such as a church building, a permanent installation will be more appropriate.

What is the shape of your room?

The sound system in your church can steer sound away from walls and ceilings and into where people will be. You’ll need speakers that are the right size and shape for the room. A small, large room with a low ceiling would need a different strategy than a long, skinny room with a high ceiling.

What is your preferred method of worship?

Depending on the church’s worship style, your sound system would have various criteria, ranging from traditional to contemporary. If you’re only amplifying the pastor’s message, a small device with decent vocal intelligibility will suffice. However, if you’re using modern electric instruments to augment a large choir or worship team, the machine must be able to replicate all of the instruments’ frequencies. You’ll also need a modular solution if your church has different worship types.

What is your room’s wireless atmosphere like?

The bigger your wireless infrastructure becomes, the more complicated it becomes, and local broadband coverage is still an issue.

What is your financial plan?

If you can’t afford it, it doesn’t matter how good a sound system is defined for you. That’s why Sweetwater offers PA systems in a variety of price ranges. Future-proofing the setup is also a good idea. Purchase a device that will fulfill your needs in the future and save you money in the long run.

The Building Blocks of Your System — Key Components

If your pastor is preaching the sermon, the choir is singing an inspirational piece of music, or the worship team is rocking out on guitars, keyboards, and drums, the church’s sound system must sound amazing and function regularly. There are core components that are part of any sound system, regardless of your particular needs. These components can be precisely tailored to your needs by a nice sound system designer.

  • Mixer

One of the first things to consider when putting together a sound system for your church is a mixer. After all, it’s the core of your entire system! It has audio inputs and outputs, as well as microphone amplification, routing, and other features.

  • Speakers

The next part you’ll need to consider is your speakers, which are extremely important! After all, it’s they that make the echo that everybody hears. MicrophonesIt’s fair to say that at least one person will talk and that at least one person will sing during your worship service. You would also want to amplify acoustic pianos, guitars, and other acoustic sources.

  • Monitors

Presenters and artists must be able to hear themselves no matter what is going on. Stage monitors such as the Galaxy Audio PA6BT Hot Spot, Turbosound TFX152M-AN, and JBL JRX212 are inexpensive options for putting together a monitoring device.


Before designing the sound system, a good sound system designer can listen more than they talk and ask many questions. The professionals would be delighted to build a sound system tailored to your specific needs. To get started, give us a call!

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