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A Guide To Choosing Sunglasses That Fits Your Face Shape!

by Eva Smith

Sunglasses are an essential part of accessories, which never get out of fashion. There will never be a time when you won’t look your best while wearing a stylish pair of sunglasses. Indeed, Sunglasses are very trendy and can change the entire face look. There is something for everyone, from cat-eye sunglasses to bulky ones. You need to pick the right one! 

Albeit, sunglasses are a simple accessory to wear, but they can sometimes be not select correctly. Choose a pair that brings out the best features of your face. Let us guide you find the right pair of shades for you, whether you need prescription or non-prescription sunglasses.

Every face is different, so before we can choose sunglasses, we must first find out what shape our face is.

Glasses for those with square faces

  • Oval, Curved, or circular glasses fit both men and women with a square face shape. Smooth-edged frames in these categories will soften square features and offer the appearance of length to a square-shaped face. It’s a great idea to start with round glasses.
  • Avoid something super dimensional or angular in form or design, and keep to neutral frame colors like brown, black, or tortoise in your collections.

Glasses for people with round faces

  • When selecting the right frames for a round face shape, a few forms, designs, and shades should be chosen cautiously. Glasses with an angular style work well with round face shapes because they help shape the face look. Go for lenses with a thicker frame in the top two corners, such as rectangular frames or upswept glasses.
  • Tiny, circular frames should be at the end of your list because they are less likely to match your round face shape. Choose the right, and you’ll get a stunning range of prescription sunglasses for round faces, all of which will match your face shape while also adding an elegant look to your outing.

Glasses for Rectangular Face Shapes

  • What you should be searching for in your frames are suitable, defined frames! Instead of softer round frames that can interfere with your features, look for frames with strong square shapes.
  • Stick to durable standout lenses in a solid colour instead of rimless glasses. Choose a tortoise-detailed template with bright yellow notes if you’re hunting a little differently.

Glasses for Oval Face Shapes

  • When you have an oval face, you have many options for prescription sunglasses because there are so many different shapes, colours, and designs to choose . When it comes to selecting matches, ovals are more like free agents than more robust shapes like square or heart-shaped, which means that most of the decision-making process is about personal choice instead of avoiding frames that don’t fit natural beauty. 
  • However, if you want to nail your glasses pairing, avoid either too small or too big structures. With ill-fitting lenses, you don’t want to underwhelm or overshadow an oval-shaped profile.

Glasses for Heart Face Shapes

  • Several types of glasses are appropriate for heart-shaped faces. However, there are a few frames for which you say big no-no. Avoid frames with a firm bottom half since they can take attention away from your beautiful cheekbones and jaw. Instead, use glasses with a consistent shape. 
  • Stop wearing extra-large frames with a bold look because they can draw attention to your more modest features. For those with a heart-shaped profile, sleek and soft-edged glasses are ideal. To match your face form, we suggest round or square glasses. Anyone with a heart-shaped face will benefit from the wide range of sunglasses available, which will suit best their face shape, just like your regular optical frames.

So, you saw that we should buy the sunglasses by reading our face shape. Otherwise, it is a waste of money and your look!

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